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Sneaky Signs of Mold in Your Home

3/6/2023 (Permalink)

up close of mold spore A closer look at mold

Usually, mold is just a sign you need to throw out the strawberries that went bad in your fridge before you got to them. However, household mold can be dangerous – and it’s not always as obvious as the pesky mold that grows on the things we can so easily forget in our refrigerator.

The presence of mold can create a toxic atmosphere with damaging air quality and needs to be treated by a professional mold contractor quickly. Here are some of the signs that your house could contain harmful mold.

  1. Bubbling Paint

Bubbling or peeling paint may simply mean the paint is very old or you didn’t prep the wall surfaces well before you painted, but it can also be a sign of moisture. And where there is moisture, mold is likely to follow.

If that is the case, it typically happens around windows, at the base of a wall, or on the baseboards. Removing the baseboards may be all it takes to reveal hidden mold. The best thing you can do is look for mold remediation companies near me and let the professionals look for the source of the moisture, remove it, and repair the area.

  1. Bathroom Exhaust Fan Acting Up

The moisture in bathrooms makes them a common place for mold to show up. Bathroom exhaust fans are essential to keep mold away, but if your fan stops working or working well that could be a sign of mold. The fan likely needs to be cleaned or replaced as it may be clogged with mold growth.

  1. Strange Odors

Homeowners often smell mold before they see it. The mold could be hidden behind a wall or underneath carpet, but its musty gross smell will help give it away. If you notice a smell like old wet towels or something that has gone rotten, what you may be smelling is mold.

  1. Health Problems

Mold can be the cause of several serious physical health problems, with effects varying between individuals. Mold can produce toxins called mycotoxins, which are toxic substances produced by any type of fungus.

If you’re experiencing new symptoms or ongoing health issues that you haven’t been able to get to the root of, consider having a mold inspection completed by a professional contractor in your home. Using higher-efficiency filters in your heating and cooling systems is also recommended.

  1. Lumpy Attic Insulation

If your home has an attic with exposed insulation, examine its condition. Does it look uneven or lumpy? That could indicate mold issues caused by potentially poor circulation or inadequate ventilation in the home’s attic space.

  1. Stains on Walls and Ceilings

Are there stains on your walls or ceilings that won’t go away with your usual cleanup routine? Black, brown, yellow, or other color stains that don’t go away easily could be from water damage and may be harboring mold beneath the surface.

When you’re buying a home, you should look for any slight variations in paint color where the previous homeowners or landlords may have tried to cover up water damage spots with paint. Variations in the texture of the drywall can be a sign of past problems.

  1. Dark Grout Lines in Your Shower

If the grout lines in your shower have grown noticeably darker, there’s a chance you have mold in the bathroom. It may only be a harmless type of mold, but it could also be a toxic mold type and you’ll need professional mold contractors to make that determination for the safety of your household.

A great preventative measure to take is using a squeegee to wipe water from the shower walls and tub after showering or bathing.

  1. Damaged Air Conditioning Filters

The condensation created by air conditioners can unfortunately make them a hotspot for potential mold, which makes checking them regularly extra important.

Does your air conditioning unit seem to have a funky smell after it is turned on? Are there visible black spots on the filter? These may be signs of dreaded mold. Clean the unit routinely and replace the filters religiously to keep moisture and dust away.

  1. Leaks

Any sort of leak in your home’s plumbing system can lead to mold. For example, if one of your appliances starts leaking, that water could soak into the floor below or any adjoining cabinetry and create moisture buildup.

Mold spores thrive on moisture and can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants. Be on the lookout for leaks and water damage and take care of any dampness as soon as you discover it.

Do You Need Mold Remediation in Lancaster, PA?

If you suspect your home may be infested with mold and you’re searching for the best mold remediation companies near me in Lancaster, PA, SERVPRO of Western Lancaster County PA is here to help. Mold is a fast-spreading problem that you should address quickly. If mold grows in your home, you’ll need expert help to get rid of it. Call the experts at SERVPRO of Western Lancaster County PA at 717-665-1270 for mold remediation services that will clear your home of mold and ensure your home is safe.

SERVPRO of Western Lancaster County PA will inspect your home or business so we know exactly where the mold is and understand the extent of the problem. After that, we will begin remediation. Our advanced procedures isolate the areas and ensure that the mold cannot continue to grow. We then treat the areas to eliminate all the mold.

We are the fastest responders and the most thorough restoration experts in Western Lancaster County PA. Our team is experienced with all types of mold and remediation techniques, and we are ready to help you whenever you need it. Our 24-hour emergency restoration services protect you at all hours of the day and night.

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